2017-2018        MONTREAL VOICES – Celebrating 375  

Lights on the Jacques Cartier, tree stumps on the Mountain and Giants in the streets, there will be many ways to celebrate Montreal’s birthday.   In this, the anniversary year of its founding, using fiction and non-fiction writings, we will take a journey through Montreal’s history.  As we wander through time we will meet its earliest inhabitants, visit its vibrant neighbourhoods and discover many of its authors and artists.

What makes Montreal quintessentially Montreal? What historical, literary and artistic trends have contributed to making the city what it is today?  How have new Canadians changed the landscape?

During these 18 weeks we will seek hidden stories and join our voices to the many others that make up the tapestry that is Montreal.

Offered at Dawson Boys & Girls Club
666 Woodland in Verdun
on Wednesdays: 10:00 am – 11:15 am
Starting:  October 18, 2017    (Fall = 8 weeks)
Cost: $15 per term / $30 for full course

For more information Please Contact:Marc Paradis,
Phone: 514-767-9967 ext 236
or Thomas More Institute
Phone: 514-935-9585
Fall term: 8 weeks/Winter term: 10 week

Thomas More Institute
3405 Atwater Avenue
Montreal, Qc. H3H 1Y2